Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consisting of dedicated medical professionals, Ugandan officials, and current cancer patients, is an invaluable asset to the overall goal-setting and forward planning of the organization.

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Corey Casper, MD, MPH

Dr. Corey Casper is the Co-Scientific Director of Ugandan Program of Cancer and Infectious Diseases (UPCID), an associate member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and a member of the University of Washington’s School of Medicine. Dr. Casper received his medical degree from Cornell University and his M.P.H. in epidemiology from the University of Washingon. He conducts ongoing research in epidemiology, natural history, and treatment of those infected with HHV-8, and leads the training of oncologists in administering innovative cancer treatments on the ground in Uganda.

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Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda is a member of cabinet of the government of Uganda. He is a former representative of the Republic of Uganda to the United Nations. He has extensive and varied experience in government and public service. As a physician and public servant, he provides a keen awareness of the patient and resources issues at the governmental and local levels in Uganda, and serves as an advisor to House of Hope Uganda.


Dr. Jackson Orem is the Co-Scientific Director of UPCID, and the Director of the Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda. A graduate of Makerere University, and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, Dr. Orem has conducted research on HHV-8 replication and progression in Africa and antiretroviral therapy in Ugandans infected with HHV-8, as well as multiple studies on Burkitt’s Lymphoma.


Mabel Nabulime

Mabel is from Uganda, and was friends with Hope Kagoro and knew her as she was fighting her cancer in 2005.  Mabel has three sons, ages 28, 23 and 17, and a granddaughter. She attended University in Kampala and was working in the travel industry in Uganda as an airlines reservation assistant, when she was diagnosed with a Synovial Sarcoma cancer growth in her left upper leg in 2013. Just recently, the doctors helped her to decide to stop the large doses of medicine, because the tumor was not responding the way that they hoped for. She is a close friend of House of Hope Uganda and will continue to be our local ambassador to the Mulago Hill campus and UCI as she is able.  She provides a wealth of perspective from a person who is living with a cancer diagnosis in Uganda, and can advocate for the patients at the Uganda Cancer Institute like no one else can.


Executive Board

Our Executive Board consisting of local professionals and active parent members, is a vibrant and caring group that provides day-to-day guidance of the organization and the mentoring of the student Junior Board.

Marguerite Cole

Marguerite serves as an active board member of the organization and she is the president of her own business, The Success Factor, a sales consulting firm which is located in the Seattle area and conducts business all over the globe.  She likes skiing, and keeping connected with family all over the United States.

Maribeth Wilson-Day

Maribeth serves as a board member and President of the organization. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Arts. She is now the owner of Fleurishment Design and the proud mother of Griffin Day and wife of Michael Day. She is very committed to House of Hope Uganda and improving the experience of cancer patients from all over the Eastern African region as they receive cancer treatment. She believes that we are all connected.  When we join hands together, small actions from many caring individuals can make a huge positive impact!

Susan Huffaker

Susan practices Clinical Psychology in the Bellevue area, specializing in head trauma cases.  Her caring nature and insightful perspective benefits House of Hope Uganda greatly as she performs her role of Secretary and Board Member.  She enjoys being a mom of two active and funny boys.  She was raised and went to school in the Connecticut area, and loves to travel back there to visit with relatives as well as joining her family in destinations all over the United States.

Yvonne Li

Yvonne is a professional working in the finance sector in the Eastside of the Seattle area.  She provides a steady, responsive and exacting force as her role of Treasurer for House of Hope Uganda.  She has an active and busy family who travel back to China frequently to visit with relatives there.

 Loi and Maribeth share a hug during our March 19, 2016 Bake Sale for the Water Filtration System.

Loi and Maribeth share a hug during our March 19, 2016 Bake Sale for the Water Filtration System.