I feel like my body is burning after I get my chemo treatment. I feel extremely thirsty, but bottled water is unaffordable for me at 1,000 shillings per 8oz bottle. I have to wait to get home where I can boil my own water. It takes me a whole day to get home. God bless you for giving me this drinking water today.
— Patient at UCI upon being given a free bottle of water

Through a series of Bake Sales at the Asian Art Museum in downtown Seattle, and a "Friends and Family" letter writing campaign, we have reached the finish line on our goal of the Water Filtration Unit for the newly built 6-story hospital building! We are currently in the process of preparing for the installation of the Water Filtration Unit.

House of Hope has been working diligently and with passion to bring a safe and robust Water Filtration Unit to the UCI building's existing exterior pipes. 

Currently, patients and caregivers at the Hospital must purchase expensive bottled water for their needs (or boil the available tap water by creating mini-campfires near the hospital), and by installing a system that is already widely used in commercial applications all over the globe, we can elevate the building's tap water to be safe, clean and free to patients on-site. 

Access to clean pathogen-free drinking water (which we in the Pacific Northwest have in abundance and most likely don't think twice about) is an essential element of illness prevention and sustained good health.  It is absolutely critical to the patients who are receiving chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy drugs do their best cancer-fighting work when the body has plentiful access to clean and safe water to help with cellular-level flushing and removal of bodily toxic waste.  We at House of Hope Uganda are deeply committed to filtering the water that comes through the taps at the Uganda Cancer Institute so that it becomes clean, safe and readily available for all of the patients and caregivers for their daily use.